29 December 2023

30.000 pounds for exclusive art auction at London International Horse Show

In addition to the Extreme Driving phase and the World Cup Driving in London, attention was also paid to driving sport through the auction of exclusive art by Anna Szabo. A total of 30.000 British pounds was raised for charity.

“I am really super happy about that”, Anna Szabo responded. “Especially when you consider that I have not sold the work of Bram Chardon, the one with the twelve horses (pictured below). In fact, I am in contact with a large clothing company who is interested in it.” The funds raised will go to the Kings Troops Foundation.

Lisa Maillot and Nick Brook-Ward next to the art of Bram Chardon and the twelve horses

“My goal was to offer comfort through the art to everyone affected by the tragic loss of Sébastien Mourier. I lost my little brother to the same disease and because of the intense situation around it, this art came about. I found it very special that Lisa Maillot, Sébastien Mourier’s beloved partner, was able to be there in London.”

“Despite not knowing Sebastien personally, I found it really moving to see his smile, pride and hopeful look on the huge LED screen of the main arena of the London International Horse Show.”

Anna was able to count on support from three very special drivers; Bram Chardon, Fredrik Persson and Chester Weber. “I am incredibly touched by how these three lovely gentlemen took the time and effort to enable me to realize this project. It was a particularly emotional journey that I could not have accomplished without the opportunities of Nick Brook-Ward and the entire HPower Group team. In addition, I am also very grateful for Jozsef Vida. He is the one who introduced me to driving. ”

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