1 February 2024

Bram Chardon’s Dreef Kapitany FEI Horse of the Month

Bram Chardon's Dreef Kapitany (by Siglavy Capriola Favorit) has been named FEI Horse of the Month. Dreef Kapitany has been there since Bram's very first World Cup competitions, and will be in his regular position at right back during the World Cup finals in Bordeaux this weekend.

15-year-old Dreef Kapitany has been with Bram since 2017. He had already laid a good foundation in Hungary, where he was bred and trained. Bram needed that experience at the time for the transition to the World Cup circuit.

“It is very nice to work with Kapitany because he has a very easy-going temperament. He is not super fast, but is very good on the voice aids. Walk is always walk and stand is always stand. Kapitany is a real Four-in-Hand horse. He doesn’t like to be in the front or alone. For example, he won’t hack on his own and at a competition venue, he doesn’t like going to the wash off area alone. Furthermore, he is very social. He can go out with any other horse, he cannot stand to be alone, so he is always looking to connect with others.”

Dreef Kapitany right back with Bram Chardon in Leipzig 2024
Photo: DigiShots

"At his best in the obstacles"

“You can do a full speed round and say ‘ho’ and he will stop like nothing has happened, he’s the perfect horse for prize giving. He doesn’t care about noise or music, he just directly settles again which is good as he saves himself. He knows when the competition is on and gives 100 per cent, but as you go over the finish line and go into a walk, his heart rate goes down and he saves his energy. He doesn’t stay in the excitement of the whole competition, that makes him a very good competition horse which means I hope I can enjoy him for many years as he is conserving himself.”

While he might not be a speedy leader, he is an expert on the technical sections of the course. Chardon said: “If he has to step over a knock down or avoid hitting a box, I will say Kaptan! He will jump over and avoid it.”

“His specialism is inside the obstacles, when it’s tight and technical, he is extremely good, he is very aware where the boxes are and he always helps me out in a tight turn, he does better at smaller, more technical courses.”

"Hardly needs any attention"

Chardon has been in five finals and has won the World Cup title twice, once in Leipzig and once in Bordeaux, always with Kapitany. Chardon has considered replacing him for someone faster, but he keeps returning to the grey gelding with the pink points around his eyes, mouth and nose – he’s just too good at his job.

“I realised how much I needed him in my team for the balance. I don’t have to look at him at all, I can completely focus on the other three horses, he barely needs any attention because he knows what to do and when to do it which makes me a very secure player in the team”.

Chardon thinks the Bordeaux final will be the most open in years. The knowledgeable crowd will add to the atmosphere and with Kapitany as his trusty right wheeler, gold is in their sights.

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Source: FEI

Dreef Kapitany right back with Bram Chardon in Leipzig 2024
Photo: DigiShots