13 March 2024

FEI further explains ban on distribution videos via internet

Following the recent publication of the updated version of the Non-Rights Holders’ Guidelines for Publishing on Social Media at FEI-Named Events, the FEI produced explanatory notes and a detailed FAQ on a newly created page.

The FEI wants to clarify the following:

The Guidelines in no way prevent filming and do not stop anyone from capturing images at an event. They are solely concerned with the publication of video content on social media, websites & blogs from the field of play at FEI-Named Events by Non-Rights Holders.

What are FEI-Named events?

FEI-Named Events are FEI events for which competition organization can bid. These include World Championships, European Championships and indoor World Cup competitions, for example. For competitions as CHIO Aachen and the Royal Windsor Horse Show, this ban does not apply.

At FEI-Named Events, Non-Rights Holders are therefore not allowed to distribute video footage of the main arena, the warm-up area, the Kiss & Cry Zone, the leaders lounge, the entrance/exit erea, the cross-country course in eventing and the marathon course in driving.

When are you NOT allowed to publish videos?

Publishing video footage is NOT allowed for anyone or any entity that does not have a contractual agreement to film and distribute video footage from an FEI-Named Event. If you are a journalist, influencer, spectator, an athlete, a groom or even a National Federation, you are a Non-Rights Holder.

It still has not been announced what sanctions will apply, other than the withdrawal of accreditation for an event for the press.

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Source: FEI

Spectators at the World Championships for Pairs in Le Pin au Haras
Photo: Melanie Guillamot