20 January 2022

Jeroen Houterman Course Designer FEI Driving World Cup Final Leipzig

Dutch level 4 Course Designer Jeroen Houterman is the Course Designer for the FEI Driving™ World Cup Final in Leipzig from 8th to 10th April 2022.

It is the second time that Houterman is responsible for the course in the Final. In 2018 he was the responsible Course Designer for the Final in Bordeaux. Jeroen Houterman already built three courses this season; in Lyon, Geneva and London.
The Ground Jury in Leipzig is composed of Mark Wentein (Bel), Elimar Thunert (Ger) and Ekkehard Freiberg (Ger).

As result of the cancellation of Bordeaux only four competitions have been held this World Cup season; Lyon, Stockholm, Geneva and London.

As there are now four qualifying competitions, the best result of each driver counts towards qualifying for the final in Leipzig. If the final will be cancelled, the entire World Cup season ends.

The qualified drivers for the Final in Leipzig are:

  1. Boyd Exell (Aus)
  2. Koos de Ronde (Ned)
  3. Bram Chardon (Ned)
  4. Glenn Geerts (Bel)
  5. Dries Degrieck (Bel)
  6. Mareike Harm (Ger)

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Jeroen Houterman
Photo: Krisztina Horváth

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