26 February 2022

The horses of Daniel Naprous also shine in movies

Most scenes in movies where horses play a role require extra expertise. A horse normally doesn’t just rear on command and when a scene calls for carriage to go out of control, that brings extra risks. Last year we spoke to IJsbrand Chardon about this. His horses have starred in various films. The British driver Daniel Naprous also does this with his horses. You can see them in The Game Of Thrones, Starwars, and Wonderwomen among others. 

In spite of the fact that Daniel Naprous’s horses compete at the highest level in the four-in-hand driving sport, 10 of the 15 horses in the last television commercial from Lloyds Bank, were horses that he uses in his competition team. “Movie producers always know what they want. They have an idea, and we see what is possible and what isn’t, and what is possible for our horses”, Daniel Naprous tells.

Watch the television commercial from Lloyds Bank here


“When a horse arrives in my stable, I train it for the driving sport but I also bring them with me to the movie set. We let them experience everything that can happen on a movie set from a young age. One of my horses that I used in my four-in-hand team last year, Ludo, plays the main role in the commercial from Lloyds Bank, but this season he will just be put back into competition.”

“Whether it was a movie set or a competition, I was often nervous to go out with my horses. However, over the years I have noticed that I need to let my horses have good experiences in various circumstances. In that way they build trust. Then, when they go to a big international competition, it doesn’t come as a shock to them, they are used to it.”

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Daniel Naprous
Photo: Amy Mundell